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Heritage Cattle Directory (heritage-cattle.com) was formed to advance awareness of endangered heritage breeds or heirloom bloodlines of cattle. Heritage Cattle Directory was designed to provide increased support of rare breeds or unique populations of cattle that are not well known.



  1. To identify and raise awareness about rare breeds or populations of cattle.
  2. To locate little-known herds of unique cattle, and list breeders here in public directories.
  3. To help increase profits from raising endangered lines of cattle.


More INFO:

  1. Heritage Cattle by definition are animals from which all predecessors trace back to the breed's original herd book(s) with no outside breed influence in its pedigree or history.

  2. Rare Cattle. We include a few unusual populations or heirloom bloodlines of cattle on this website, that are not heritage cattle, but are little-known or rare cattle with genetic value. Whenever purity is a concern in any decision, read more about it here, and know what questions to ask breeders, sellers or registries.

  3. If a group of breeders became interested in forming a herdbook or registry for their unique population of cattle, the Heritage Cattle Directory recommends the International Livestock Registries (ILR). The ILR is a very established, reliable, inexpensive and safe place to set up and archive any size herd book and offers any registration needs of breeders (read more about ILR under Affiliations below). Whenever heritage cattle start a new herd book, it probably goes without saying, but they should always start with cattle dual or triple registered in their original herdbook registries, even if breaking away slowly from registries that do not adequately support heritage breeding, in order to impart all the evidence possible to safeguard valuable animals' genuine pedigrees.

  4. The Heritage Cattle Directory is not a herd book or registry or membership association. There are no fees to access the directories kept here. It is a directory of resources for breeders of rare or unique populations of cattle. Most cattle we include on this site are heritage breeds or heirloom bloodlines, but we may occasionally include other little-known herds of cattle. This site is an informal group initiative for breeders or visitors with interest in rare cattle. We will actively discuss current ideas & plans on Facebook/groups/Heritage-Cattle. We look forward to seeing you there.


Heritage Cattle affiliations
The Heritage Cattle Directory will work hard to network affiliations that are designed to help preservation breeders succeed.


Breeds & Breeders of Heritage & Unusual Cattle
Breeds & Breeders of Heritage (and a few other unusual) Cattle


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