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Midwest Genetics LLC.

I. International Livestock Registries (ILR)
     the SERVICE

        Pedigree Database(s)
        Registry (Stud and Herd book) Services
        existing Registries (130,000 head registered)

II. intelliBeef™

      the PROGRAM

          Online Herd Managment Program
          using proprietary intelliBeef™ RFID smart eartags (avoids government intrusion)

III. American Beef Producers™ (ABP)
American Livestock Producers™ (ALP) (dairy)
        the SYSTEM

           Online “CONCEPTION to CONSUMPTION”™ Direct Marketing System
           Certification and Labeling:
                 (intelliBeef) herd management claims
                 (ILR) breed claims
           decentralize, liaison & cooperate throughout food supply chain sectors
           improve marketing of seedstock & genetics between producers
           advance direct marketing between producers and local consumers
           advance regional marketing between sectors of food supply chain


ILR large logo
International Livestock Registries (ILR)

International Livestock Registries maintains a general open stud & herd book with databases to identify, document and record pedigrees of many breeds of cattle (numbering over 120,000 head of 20 or more breeds of cattle). ILR sets up herd books for all breeds of livestock needing a registry or registry services. ILR registers animals of any species, breed or combination of breeds, including:

  • heritage, rare or genetically diverse cattle that need preservation
  • fullblood, purebred, percentage, composite or crossbred cattle
  • pure cattle that lost eligibility, of a breed with a closed herd book
  • cattle breeds or types that have no registry
  • other livestock breeds; ranch horses, sheep, goats, hogs, etc. (enquire)

ILR registration certificates provide:

  • DNA genomic and parentage tests
  • DNA test results for performance, traits & heritable conditions
  • Complete pedigrees on sire & dam, regardless of breed
  • Complete breed composition percentage
  • 100% breed animals are identified & labeled fullblood
  • Purebreds reach 99+% but never upgrade to 100% fullblood status

ILR cert fields

ILR registration certificates are recognized nationally and internationally. ILR has a good relationship with and access to many databases & registries all over the world. ILR maintains across-breed databases with herdbooks for all cattle that need pedigrees recorded officially and securely.

ILR Owned Registries:

  • The ILR General Open Stud & Herd Book (includes:)
    The International Dairy Cattle Registry
    • Fleckvieh Cattle Registry
    • Montbeliard Cattle Registry
    • North American Red Cattle Registry
    • Dutch Belted Cattle Registry
    • Viking Red Cattle Registry
    • Viking Jersey Registry
    • Viking Holstein Registry
    • Norwegian Red Cattle Registry
    • Pro Cross Dairy Cattle Registry
    • Belfair Cattle registry
    • Miniature Holstein Cattle Registry
  • The International Beef Cattle Registry
    • Composite Beef Cattle Registry
    • Black Charolais registry
    • White Angus herd book
    • North American Black & Red Angus herd book
      • Heritage division (old lines with no modern influence)
      • PB Angus division
    • Heritage Hereford herd book
      • Heritage division (OP traditional only)
      • PB Hereford division
ILR Associated Registries

ILR Periodical
Sire Selection ~ Registry Review ~ News

  • Public Access
  • (Annual) Sire Directory
    • Bulls representing each ILR Herd Book
    • Bulls representing each ILR Associate Registry
  • Newsletter Sections for Registries & services
    • ILR Registry Services, news, press releases
    • Newsletter section for each Registry
  • Newsletter Section for intelliBeef™ program
  • Newsletter Section for American Livestock Producers™ system
  • Newsletter Section for Tennessee State University Department of Agriculture
    • Research Reports
    • Announcements, articles
  • Advertising
intelliBeef™ or
using intelliBeef™ RFID smart ear tags
PRIVACY: Animal Traceability with no Govt mandate Premise I.D.
teamed w/ Tennessee State University Department of Agriculture


Members can order official ILR animal identification (RFID eartags or microchips) for their herds (large or small, registered or commercial). ILR RFID cattle ear tags allow access to our online herd management program, "intelliBeef™," an online program to record enrolled animals and document the herd and pasture management of the operation.


RFID eartags

  • dairy, beef or dual purpose
  • registered or grade animals
  • livestock RFID identification
  • privacy: no government intrusion
    (ILR maintains federal compliance)
  • herd management record keeping;
    animal I.D.; disease traceability,
    all management practices documented;
    vaccination, veterinary, calving, breeding, sires, breeding, calf crops, disposition, sales, carcass info, transport, culling
  • members upload pedigrees, photos, animal information, documentation
  • members search and generate reports; breeds, bulls, genetic traits, pedigrees
  • working with land grant university


see content ideas here:
intelliBeef and American Livestock Producers
American Beef Producer™ (ABP)
“Conception to Consumption” Direct Marketing system

3YO composite miniature WMW club calf bull owned by Eric Epperson, Nowata, Oklahoma
3YO composite miniature WMW club calf bull
owned by Eric Epperson, Nowata, Oklahoma


      • Producers (farmer, rancher, homesteader, gardener, etc)
      • Animal Sales (auction barn, backgrounders, feedlot buyers, heifer dev't, etc)
      • Harvest (Processing; meat locker, slaughter house, abattoir, mobile farm slaughter units, Big4 meat processors)
      • Transport (intra- inter-state hauling, import, export)
      • Beef & Dairy Product Sales (roadside stands, farmer markets, small shops, grocery stores, grocer outlet chains, restaurants)
      • Consumer

      American Beef Producer™ presents:
      Direct Marketing System

           PROVIDES: Certification and Labeling for:
                 intelliBeef: herd & environment management claims
                 registries: breed claims

           MISSION / GOALS:
          • improve specialized marketing opportunity between producers
          • advance local marketing between producers and consumers
          • advance regional marketing between sectors of food supply chain
          • decentralize, liaison & cooperate throughout food supply chain sectors

  • Available to intelliBeef™ enrolled (RFID tagged) animals
  • Uses database records from herd management program to process claims
  • management & records --> claims, breed branding, labeling, direct marketing, age & source, etc.
    • pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished
    • no pesticides
    • no antibiotics
    • no growth hormones
    • RegReg (example) grown with regional regenerative agriculture practices
    • simply organic
    • no GMOs
    • no grain
    • Halal & Kosher
    • BREED branding (available to ILR Registry & intelliBeef members)
      • Wangus™
      • NormanDeem™ (example)
      • Pinzgauer Beef™ (etc etc)
    • other
  • direct marketing
    • brings certified, safe, locally grown food to consumers
    • incentivize best agriculture & environmental practices
    • halts loss of profits to unnecessary middlemen
    • records follow lifetime of animal when sold
      • backgrounding beef calves
      • heifer development
      • breeding cattle
      • veterinary & transport records
  • avoids or improves or replaces
    • replace COOL (discontinued Dec 2015)
    • replace Age & Source verification
    • RFID official Animal Identification
    • Official Animal Disease Traceability
    • Premise ID: replace public (gov't) oversight w/ private
  • research, community outreach

American Beef Producer verified

American Beef Producer (ABP)™ agricultural direct marketing system is the brainchild of ILR CEO Dennis Russel who began its inception over a decade ago. After years of planning and development, and now, partnering with the Tennessee State University Dept of Agriculture on the intelliBeef™ Online Herd Management Program, this program is coming to life online.

The landscape in today's agriculture is evolving and changing rapidly. During 2020, consumers have become much more aware and interested in where and how their food is grown. The maximum-quantity business model predominant in agriculture production is giving ground to an alternate optimum-quality business model of production, due to consumer demand.

Producers of all size operations, are finding it increasingly difficult to manage profit margins, which is the biggest challenge to financial survival on a farm. Farmer suicides are at an all-time high.

The reality facing livestock producers today can be summed up by a few simple comparisons: Compare the price spent per pound of beef at the grocery store, to the price the cattleman receives per pound on the hoof. Compare the price of milk per gallon, to the price per gallon received by the dairy farmer. The 2020 covid crisis increased losses and further decimated profit margins.

The ABP direct marketing system is an intensely value-added program designed to turn this paradigm around. This system will add significant value far beyond its membership subscription price structure. The ABP price structure is set by number of head, so even the smallest herd owner can access all the benefits, and increase their profit margin as easily as a larger producer can.

ABP levels the playing field for producers owning any size homestead, farm or ranch, and sets accessibility in reach for cattle breeders of any age, gender, race or background. Together with intelliBeef™, ABP offers grassroots herd managment, direct marketing and claims certification for all producers, livestock and operations, which then brings consumers access to local, safe, healthy, humane, responsibly grown food products ... “from Conception to Consumption.”

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Links, Resources

Example collaboration between gov't, private business & university team:

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Business Plan includes final approval from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) which protects, defends, and broadens the rights and viability of independent farmers, artisanal food producers, and their consumers. FTCLDF was launched, Independence Day, July 4, 2007; and is a non-profit organization.

Heritage Cattle Breeder Directory; Directories of North American breeders of rare or unique kinds of cattle. If a breed is rare and does not have its own directory, we make one for it here. More homestead owners are becoming interested in preservation breeding, and rare breeds.

Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory; Many general articles and fact sheets for cattle owners; most will transfer over to the ILR resources website.

Brahman and Miniature Zebu

Nadudana (rare Bos indicus breed) the history of the Miniature Zebu and its Indian origin, history of the African Watusi (rare in North America) and questions about the origin of the unique bovine white lightning spot pattern.

Coming: International breeds of miniature cattle (12-20 breeds?) - most are Bos indicus, native to India, rare and in danger of extinction. Some are Bos taurus, including a rare African breed that carries valuable genetics for tse-tse fly resistance.